--The city “Open” Budget is $638 MILLION this year. 2020 population is 486,000, so the city costs each of us $1,312, or $5,250 for an average family of four. That’s $100 every week in direct taxes and higher store prices. Are you getting your money’s worth? *Vote NO on 2A*.

--City politicians say they need more of your money. Their budget in 2002 was $296 million, less than HALF their current budget. It grows automatically by inflation plus net new structures. The $1.9 million they demand occurs after the growth they keep yearly. $1.9 million is 1/3rd of 1% of their 2020 budget, which has more than doubled.

--We already gave a permanent public safety sales tax increase of 0.4% ($26 million yearly) in 2001, weeks after 9/11. The city “promised” it would solve funding forever. Instead, we now have a 8.25% sales tax, the highest big city tax in Colorado—bigger than liberal Denver. The mayor said that his pothole tax and his $17 million yearly illegal rain tax of $60 on your utility bill at $5 monthly, an 85% increase in city property tax revenue, would fix the roads forever; they have not.

--The $1.9 million in excess revenue was for 2019. They say they need it for the virus, which began only in March of THIS year. THINK. The City wants the excess for 2019, 2020, 2021, and “THEREAFTER” (forever). They want to keep revenue they haven’t even (over)collected yet! You would give up your right to vote on keeping excess tax revenue FOREVER!

--Why did City revenue slow? Because politicians shut down business and fired tens of thousands of people. So you want to reward them for closing stores? Why should taxpayers pay more for getting less income? Should politicians take our tax refunds (tax increases) because they acted stupidly? “Economic disruption” was their doing!

--Read it carefully. They want not only excess collection of sales tax, but property tax. Want to give up homeowner tax relief FOREVER?

--They say it’s for “public safety,” because that’s popular. Changes in future budgets and economies are unpredictable and can’t permanently fund more cops or firefighters. Politicians claim potholes and salaries equal “public safety.” CSPD motorcycles get personalized names printed on them, so no other cop can ride them—a vanity use of city vehicles so they are used only 25% of the day. The City shifts budgets around and claims any spending is new spending.

–The City will pay you to vote “NO.” Vote “NO” and get $5 back in a tax rebate on your next tax bill. Vote “NO;” it’s your dough!

--How many broken promises by politicians will you tolerate? How many millions more in wasteful spending? Make them live on a budget, not a blank check. Vote NO.

Tell 10 friends to tell 10 friends to tell 10 friends to tell 10 friends. 10,000 votes is a powerful message. *VOTE NO on 2A.*