Douglas Bruce Breaking Down Your Ballot

Douglas Bruce joins Tron this week to talk about the Colorado Ballot. Your ballot should be in your mailbox soon so it is time to get serious and make your voice heard.

Anti-auto movement extra irrational in a pandemic

The pandemic has reminded us that our society has to be resilient to face all sorts of unexpected events, and this is doubly true for transportation. The good news is that the United States already has the most resilient transportation system in the world. The bad news is that some people are trying to take it away from us.


--The city “Open” Budget is $638 MILLION this year. 2020 population is 486,000, so the city costs each of us $1,312, or $5,250 for an average family of four. That’s $100 every week in direct taxes and higher store prices. Are you getting your money’s worth? *Vote NO on 2A*.

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